Realbasic on the web without plugins

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Fri Sep 23 17:23:22 EDT 2011

On Fri, Sep 23, 2011 at 9:58 AM, Richard Gaskin
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> I agree with everything you wrote, but it cuts both ways:
> The things that make it hard to anyone to write HTML/JS/CSS apps also make
> it hard for RunRev to do.
> And similarly, the things that make it possible to write HTML/JS/CSS apps
> are things any of us can write today.

I agree. Of course it would make it hard for RunRev to do. But once done, we
don't have to worry about it. Just like SiteGrinder ( spits out compatible HTML & CSS & Javascript from
Photoshop to all compatible browsers (iOS/Mac/PC/Chromebook).

With SiteGrinder, I don't have to stay on top of the code idiosyncrasies,
but can just focus on designing a website. The same is true with other high
level web authoring systems, like NOLOH (

The *whole point* is to provide an abstraction for HTML/Javascript and CSS--
just like the whole point in using LC to author cross compatible OS code--
you don't need to KNOW the API, or care about when it's changed. LC does the
hard work for you so you can focus on the business end of things. That's the

And regarding your comment about being able to do this today, please check
out RB's web demo at:

Let me know if you can write that easily using HTML/JS/CSS and AJAX. If so,
what JS framework would you use? And what database and connector? And how
long would it take you to write it? (Notice it resizes with the browser

I can write that same thing in a day (minus the Google Map-- might take a
bit more time) in Rev without a database connection.

If I could then hit a button and create a CGI from it, where the data is
stored as cards in a stack, then WOW. That's a winner product for sure.

I know it won't be possible to create a complete mirror of the functionality
of Rev. Andre knows this already. He provides 'symbols' or 'hints' in
RevImpossible to indicate where a field can resize, or an image is a

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