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> Once again, a truly wonderful post from Andre on a subject he knows deeply.
Thanks for the kind words Richard!!! I only know something because I've been
struggling with this for YEARS!

> The approach to translation through wrappers does indeed seem simpler than
> how I was envisioning, but also poses a question:  Would RunRev really want
> to publish what would be a form of their engine in openly-readable JS?

Yes this is something that RunRev would need to think of. A third party
could build that after all we had HyperCard, SuperCard, OMO, Gain Momentum
and other xTalk environments since a long time so people know how an xTalk
engine should work. Making it support unique LiveCode stuff such as
everything that starts with rev would be trickier because there is RunRev
intellectual property involved. I am not building this anymore, it was too
hard but a minimal set could be done. You don't need to support the datagrid
and arcadeEngine but if a minimal set of LC is supported so that people can
create master/details apps, then, why not?

> The other approach, a sort of "virtualization", seems much simpler in many
> respects, a similar to Heizer's LiveCard (was that the name?) which ran HC
> as a sort of daemon process responding to minimal events over the socket.
> But unless I missed something, wouldn't that require a daemon, and
> therefore exclude pretty much all shared hosting options?

You missed nothing, this would probably require a networked daemon if the
application was to be kept running, or you went that far on virtualizing the
stack, then you can probably save/restore state to disk between requests
thus not needing a daemon but then, you better deal with all that
load/restore state really quick during your cgi launch.


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