Realbasic on the web without plugins

Richard Gaskin ambassador at
Fri Sep 23 10:58:39 EDT 2011

I agree with everything you wrote, but it cuts both ways:

The things that make it hard to anyone to write HTML/JS/CSS apps also 
make it hard for RunRev to do.

And similarly, the things that make it possible to write HTML/JS/CSS 
apps are things any of us can write today.

If RunRev wants to take this on that would be convenient, but if not 
it's all just text so there's nothing stopping anyone from building this 
right now.

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Chipp wrote:

> Richard,
> If it were only JavaScript, I'd say, SURE, I'll take that bet!
> But it's not.
> It's the ever-changing landscape of xHtml, HTML5, JavaScript, various DOM
> versions, and it's about the vagaries and hassles in trying to create actual
> working decent cross browser CSS. Its about learning Apache components, and
> understanding caching techniques, and how to connect to different databases,
> each requiring their own flavor of SQL or other language. And learning about
> schemas and relational databases, how to set them up, how to access and
> optimize them. It's about learning when and how to write stored procedures,
> and in what language.
> It's about deciding what framework is best, and what other client side AJAX
> APIs you need to learn. And most importantly, it's about the full time job
> of trying to keep up with all this technology and the HUGE and RAPID changes
> that are being made.
> There are individuals whose full time job is just keeping up with CSS. There
> are companies who ONLY purpose is to convert a Photoshop layout to HTML/CSS.
> That's the beauty of LC. You only have to learn a single IDE, and you CAN
> develop for all these other platforms.
> If I thought it was as simple as typing a few lines of JavaScript, then I'd
> be there. Sadly, it's not.
> But, look what RB is doing. They allow you to create a RB application which
> runs fine on your desktop, then wrap it in a binary exe and run it AS IS on
> a server as a CGI. And it returns a perfectly formatted HTML, JavaScript,
> CSS full-featured cross browser solution, without the dreaded plugin. And
> without the need for me to be on top of the latest CSS browser hack which
> makes something look right in iOS Safari.
> Now, I know RB is nowhere near as flexible as LC, Jerry tells me you can't
> even change the color of the the text on a button without having to write a
> C-plugin, and don't even think about "rolling your own controls," BUT...
> If they can figure out how to take a subset of their functionality and build
> a full functioning web app, then surely it's in the realm of possibility for
> LC? Just sayin'.

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