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Tue Sep 20 08:29:46 EDT 2011

Hi Paolo,

You obtain those licenses from the font developer. There are also lots of free fonts available, some open-source, others public domain.

Arial is owned by Microsoft (according to Wikipedia) and a license can be obtained from Ascendercorp. I have a feeling this is going to cost you hugely, because I can't find any prices on the website.

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On 20 sep 2011, at 12:36, paolo mazza wrote:

> Hi All,
> consider I need to  import the "Arial Narrow" font to my iOS app .
> Referring to the documentation it says :"Make sure you have an
> appropriate license for the fonts you choose to bundle with your app
> like you would any other media such as sounds, images and videos."
> All the fonts need licences? How can I get these licences?
> I guess it is a bit complicate. Any experience on this issue?
> Thanks a lot.
> All the best
> Paolo Mazza

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