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Hi Dar,

You are not allowed to pass anything on to any other people, but you can freely use the free stuff in your own final products. You can't pass anything on to your customers if it isn't part of a final product. You'll have to ask them to make a contrbution and download the stuff themselves. If you use any of the downloads in your own final products (be it commercial or not) then you have to make sure that the libraries and other code snippets or externals can't be detached and re-used. If a license is included with the download and that license says otherwise (causing a conflict of licenses), then the license included with the download overrules anything else (e.g. in the case of open-source). If you're in a team, everyone in the team will have to make a contribution. "Team" sounds quite commercial, so I think there's no problem asking a contribution from every team member. If your customers have huge problems with this, you can always ask them to contact me.

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On 17 sep 2011, at 22:34, Dar Scott wrote:

> Most of what I do is supporting other LiveCode programmers.  Is  some way I can use your libraries in that?  That is, can I pass on a library that uses your library?  Maybe if the customer also has contributed to this?  I deliver a demo stack for every library I deliver and customers expect to be able to immediately run that.  I don't want to have to say they have to go through some jumping through hoops to check out the library.  
> This also applies to teams.  It would be convenient if teams can somehow use the libraries.
> Maybe I'm not understanding the constraints on the downloads.
> Dar

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