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Richard Gaskin ambassador at fourthworld.com
Sat Sep 17 11:17:57 EDT 2011

Richmond Mathewson wrote:

> I really don't mind if software companies want to rip ideas from each
> other

It's been going on a long time....

Apple versus Microsoft: The top 20 stolen ideas of the OS wars

...and shows no sign of stopping:

5 things Apple borrowed from Android for iOS 5

All The New iOS and iCloud Features, And Where Apple Borrowed The Ideas From

The latter is particularly ironic, since after all the years Apple's 
been telling us how unsafe and unstable Microsoft systems are they now 
want us to store our data on them:

Apple's iCloud runs on Microsoft and Amazon services


> ...but the fact that Microsoft seems to be shifting its attention to what
> is going on in the Linux world, and away from the Apple world might mean
> that it is starting to perceive Linux as more of a competitive threat
> than Apple.

When you compare the cost of their TV ads defending themselves against 
Apple's attacks with the impact of radically dropped OEM pricing in 
Linux-friendly markets, I'd wager the MS spends far more combating Linux 
than they do Apple.

Ballmer's even said as much:

Ballmer: Linux Bigger Competitor than Apple

> Of course, Richmond's agenda is, as usual, to poke the good people
> of RunRev to really ramp-up their work on the Linux version of
> Livecode . . .  :)

I'm with you on that one.  While there have been some impressive 
improvements in the Linux engine over the last two years, it currently 
costs twice as much as the Mac or Win engines yet doesn't have as many 
features as either.

Heck, you can't even deploy to Android Linux from LiveCode for Linux.

Hopefully that'll change soon....

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