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You can probably output a vCards file from Google Contacts. I built a
vObject library for LiveCode in 2004, it might help you.

I made it available at I was going to share on
RevOnline but I can't find the damn login.

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On Fri, Sep 16, 2011 at 12:55 PM, Keith Clarke <
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> Hi folks,
> Has anyone experimented with extracting Google Contact data from within
> Livecode?
> As a weekend project, I intend to replace the sprawling spreadsheet that is
> our current local Scouts' District directory with:
> a) Google Contacts to manage the details of the ~150 volunteers who work
> in/across 6 related Scout Group charity organisations within our District
> b) (as Google Docs has no mail-merge facility) LiveCode to generate a
> printable PDF directory (that gets shared as a Google Doc, back to these
> volunteers).
> I've managed to squeeze the multiple roles that volunteers undertake across
> organisational boundaries into Google Contacts Groups and custom fields, but
> I'm wondering whether to even attempt any automation of the manual Google
> Contacts CSV export step to get the data into LiveCode.
> I've not played with any of the Google APIs, so don't know how complex this
> would be - or where to start, really. Is this a one-line of code HTTP(S) get
> call or a library I ned to build. Any insights would be greatly appreciated.
> Best,
> Keith..
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