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On 9/15/11 5:25 PM, Richard Gaskin wrote:

> Given that for nearly every person who chooses iOS two choose Android,
> it looks like it's off to a reasonably good start:

I was just reading some articles today about Android's prominence and 
promise, and how, given Apple's long time to market, some companies are 
choosing more often to deploy first on Android. But the flip side of 
that was discussed in another article I read, which talked about the 
rampant piracy on Android, something which is nearly nonexistent on iOS. 
Since it is so easy to share Android apps, most developers have to 
assume they are going to lose money on them.

The spread of malware is also largely done via piracy on Android. You 
download an app, modify it, and reupload to Market as a new or improved 
version, and there are no restrictions. The modifications typically 
involve malware or just blatant rebranding and reselling.

So I got to thinking. Our apps aren't written like other apps, and with 
the difference in language and the inclusion of password/script 
scrambling protection, I'm thinking LiveCode apps wouldn't be capable of 
being modified by a third party. Even if the miscreant could identify 
our app as a LiveCode build, it's pretty much impossible to separate the 
stack from the engine in a standalone.

So I'm thinking that would make our releases more secure than others on 
the Market. We can't avoid the piracy issue, since Android apps are so 
easy to share, but malware and rebranding would be pretty difficult to do.

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