Best practice for performance testing

Andrew Henshaw henshaw at
Thu Sep 15 07:40:03 EDT 2011


Ive got an application that quite happily runs along at an acceptable speed on my Macs,  but on Windows systems it seems to struggle.

Im trying to pin down the parts of the code that I need to look at so I can work out what is happening.  My best guess would be the interaction with the sqllite database,  but thats just a guess!

Does anyone have any suggestions as to the best way to do this.

Im thinking of writing a command I can call to simple log some text and the milliseconds to a file,  so I can insert calls to the command through the various code and track exactly what time each are called,  but something in the back of my head says this might not be the best solution as the file write will also take time.

Is there a best practice way to do something like this,  im afraid I started life programming on a Sinclair ZX80 and my skills have probably not progressed much!!


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