revFontLoad: font size issues?

Scott Rossi scott at
Wed Sep 14 12:32:31 EDT 2011


Are you building on a Mac system and then transferring to Windows?  I've
found that I have to explicitly set font styling at startup when creating
cross-platform stacks that use something other than the default fonts and
sizes.  You might try this and see if it makes a difference.  Another option
might be to try htmlText styling.


Scott Rossi
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Recently, Curt Ford wrote:

> I'm using 4.0 on a Mac and need to load a font for both Mac & Windows versions
> of the standalone. There are fields which need to use a mix of generic 18 pt
> Times New Roman, and an IPA (international phonetic alphabet) font, also at
> 18pt.
> I'm able to get the font to load without issues but the IPA font is very small
> on the Windows standalone; it looks like it's 10 or 12 pt in the middle of 18
> pt Times New Roman text. This happens even if I've selected the text in the
> field and set it to 18pt in the Text pulldown menu, and also set the textSize
> of the field to 18 and the font to Charis SIL.
> The text was created in Bean on a Mac at 18pt and pasted into the LiveCode
> field. When I try dragging the IPA characters from the OS X character palette,
> the characters are still very small on Windows.
> Thanks for any ideas or suggestions!
> Curt
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