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On 9/14/11 1:04 AM, Scott Rossi wrote:

> On a separate note, I'm wondering if there's some device that can be used as
> a reference for an Android phone, without having to be a phone (I can't
> afford a separate cell plan just for testing purposes).  My thought was
> maybe a 7" tablet device could be close enough.  Any other suggestions?

Funny you should bring this up. Just last night I installed an app 
called "GrooVe" on my 7" Archos tablet. It requires a Google Voice phone 
number (they're hard to come by, but keep checking daily if you don't 
already have one.) You set up Google to forward calls via chat, not via 
cell phone, and then this little app works just like a phone. My husband 
called from his mobile and my tablet rang. I called him back and that 
worked too. Voice quality was iffy with noticeable lag, but the reviews 
say that's because my wifi connection was poor, and with a strong signal 
it is supposed to be quite good. I only had about quarter-strength signal.

Anyway, it's good in a pinch, it doesn't require any phone plan at all, 
everything is free. It was a hoot to hear my tablet ring.

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