Cheap Android Tablet

Scott Rossi scott at
Wed Sep 14 02:04:47 EDT 2011

So, by my tally (which could be off) we've had recommendations for these:

Acer Iconia 500A (10 in)
ViewSonic g (10 in)
Asus Transformer (10 in)
Nook Color (7 in, need to root)
Archos 70 (7 in)

Any others?

FWIW, the pundits I listen to think the tablet market might be soured
(sweetened?) by the recent TouchPad affair, in that consumers have shown
they're more likely to buy in the $100 - $200 price range.  It will be
interesting to see if tablet prices do indeed drop as result of the recent
sell off.

On a separate note, I'm wondering if there's some device that can be used as
a reference for an Android phone, without having to be a phone (I can't
afford a separate cell plan just for testing purposes).  My thought was
maybe a 7" tablet device could be close enough.  Any other suggestions?

Thanks & Regards,

Scott Rossi
Creative Director
Tactile Media, UX Design

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