revFontLoad: font size issues?

Curt Ford curt at
Tue Sep 13 22:57:08 EDT 2011

I'm using 4.0 on a Mac and need to load a font for both Mac & Windows versions of the standalone. There are fields which need to use a mix of generic 18 pt Times New Roman, and an IPA (international phonetic alphabet) font, also at 18pt.

I'm able to get the font to load without issues but the IPA font is very small on the Windows standalone; it looks like it's 10 or 12 pt in the middle of 18 pt Times New Roman text. This happens even if I've selected the text in the field and set it to 18pt in the Text pulldown menu, and also set the textSize of the field to 18 and the font to Charis SIL. 

The text was created in Bean on a Mac at 18pt and pasted into the LiveCode field. When I try dragging the IPA characters from the OS X character palette, the characters are still very small on Windows. 

Thanks for any ideas or suggestions!


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