LiveCode Hanging freeze needing force quit on shut down sometimes

Dar Scott dsc at
Tue Sep 13 18:44:57 EDT 2011

I have seen a hang in the IDE when there is an answer/ask during quitting.

On OS X you can use the Console for looking at both error messages (even your own written to stdout) and crash logs.  


On Sep 13, 2011, at 3:25 PM, william humphrey wrote:

> I'm trying to track an occasional freeze crash of LiveCode.  It happens when
> I shut-down the stack after closing the Valentina database connection. I
> have code that checks to see if the database is already shut down and my
> error message comes up saying: "database already closed" and then it
> freezes. Since the error message is able to come up what should I also
> instruct livecode to show me there that will help me track what is causing
> the freeze. Is there some kind of "debug" log that will show the very next
> thing livecode is trying to do that causes the crash? I always get my error
> message first everytime.
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