iOS initial orientation

Andrew Henshaw henshaw at
Tue Sep 13 15:59:21 EDT 2011

Yes,  that would be a better option!

The other issue you might run into is try your app on a real device and start it 'face up'.  It will start in whatever you specify as the initial orientation,  and stay that way,  even if you pick up the device from being face up,  flat on the desk direct to landscape.  The ui rotates,  but redraw is not fired so it stays in portrait with half the content missing off the bottom.

I need to make a ticket about it,  but not got round to writing a sample stack yet,  but its just worth checking what your app does if you start it 'face up',  then pick up the iPad in either landscape or portrait and see what happens.


> I wish we had a way to just tell the engine to start up in whatever orientation is current.
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