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I copied some data from a spreadsheet.

I made a field in LC.

I pasted the data into the field. Works fine. It always did.

Just for laughs, I made a button with:

on mouseUp
  put the clipBoardData into fld "colin"
end mouseUp

Am I missing something in what you are asking?


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I'm trying to copy some cells from Excel (Mac, 2008 Office version) and paste it 
into a field in LiveCode. If I do that with Numbers all is good. From Excel I 
get nothing.

'the clipboard' tells me that it contains 'text, but that 'the clipboarddata' is 
apparently empty.

If I take a moment to paste the clipboard into another program, I can then go on 
to paste in LiveCode ok.

Is there a way for LiveCode to see the text from Excel without first pasting it 
into another program?

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