Password protecting a stack in the distribution

jacques CLAVEL jacques.clavel at
Mon Sep 12 15:47:11 EDT 2011

Same problem here trying to encrypt my library (to be used on on-Rev
server). Livecode 4,6,3 on Mac (4,6,4 not tested now).
My problem is now solved (see second try) but the workflow is not

First try (does'nt work:
- Main stack (splash screen) and my library (start using as it does).
- standalone app settings:
      - main stack: encrypt with password
      - add stack file: my library, encrypt with password
      - Result: no encryption of my library (found in the pack ->

Second try (was successful):
- Main stack and myLib as substack
- standalone app settings:
      - main stack:
            - check "move substack into individual stackfiles"
            - create folder for this stack (jc)
      -  encrypt with password (for both main stack and myLib)
      - Result: nin the folder found in the pack -> contents/MacOs/jc there
is a file myLib.rev (rev???) which is encrypted (to verify:
open myLib.rev with TextEdit, or open a script in Livecode).

Why is it so "tortuous" to only encrypt a library?


2011/9/11 Andrew Henshaw <henshaw at>

> Hi,
> Im wondering if anyone can shed some light on the best way to do this!
> I have built a library stack which Im including in the distribution and
> selected the 'encrypt with password' option for both the main stack,  and
> this library stack,  however when I compile if I go into the package the
> .rev file is there with clear text contents,  totally readable.
> Ive also tried using the set the password of this stack to "mypassword" and
> then saved the stack and re-loaded it and that does encrypt the original
> stack and ask for a password before I can edit it,  but for some reason when
> I compile again the stack is put into the distribution in clear text again.
> Any ideas or other ways of doing this?
> Andy
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