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Richard Gaskin ambassador at
Mon Sep 12 10:06:15 EDT 2011

Maarten Koopmans wrote:

> Subject says it all: does anyone have a clue or a sample handler that
> they know off? This is a real nuisance otherwise :(

There's a request in the RQCC for generalized scaling:

Useful as it is for things like some games, anything with controls on it 
will require the developer to write a resizeStack handler to position 
things appropriately for both the current device and the current 

Now that I have a great tablet with the Asus Transformer, it drives me 
crazy to download apps only to find that they merely scale their display 
for tablets, rather than take full advantage of the larger form factor 
with a unique layout optimized for it.  I don't need 5" wide buttons, I 
need more of a view on the content. ;)

And with orientation, if an app only works in one orientation on my 
tablet I generally uninstall it immediately after I discover that.   I 
like both portrait and landscape orientations for different purposes, 
and if an app doesn't adapt to me I'm not going to adapt to the app - 
simpler just to uninstall and find one that was crafted more earnestly.

With LiveCode we have the resizeStack message, sent when the app opens 
and whenever the device orientation changes.  We can use the screenrect 
to intelligently reposition things to provide an optimal experience on 
any device.

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