Feeling hemmed-in by the name space?

Charlie cfaddis at sprintmail.com
Sun Sep 11 21:53:27 EDT 2011

     I've never been quite sure how to participate in the use-livecode digest so I'll give this email address a try. 

     I see discussions lately about the fact that Live-Code has used the best part of the English language for reserved words. 

     I've built a compiler which is a "shell" over the IDE and, of course, has it's own name space. That really compounds the problem. However, using the IDE editor there's a very easy work-around. If I type an identifier, and it comes up in any color but black I simply add a period, and it becomes "unique". I don't need to remember which ones have periods, and which don't because the editor reminds me every time. There are other special characters which will work (_?`@#$'), but the period is easy to hit and doesn't require the shift key.

-Charlie Faddis, Seattle


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