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John Craig john at
Sun Sep 11 10:02:03 EDT 2011

Hi, Randy.  Here's a simple example using a graphic.  Just create a new 
stack, add a line graphic called 'draw', set it's lineSize to 10 then 
put the following script into the card script.  Double click clears the 
drawing, and each mouseDown starts a new line.


local sDrawing

on mouseDoubleUp
    set the points of grc "draw" to empty
end mouseDoubleUp

on mouseDown
    put true into sDrawing
end mouseDown

on mouseMove
    if sDrawing then
       set the points of grc "draw" to the points of grc "draw" & LF & 
the mouseLoc
    end if
end mouseMove

on mouseUp
    put false into sDrawing
    set the points of grc "draw" to the points of grc "draw" & LF & LF
end mouseUp

On 10/09/2011 23:56, Randy Hengst wrote:
> Hi All,
> I've begun playing with the brush tool in iOS… I'd like the users to be able to draw on the screen. I don't need to save any of the drawings, but I need them to be able to draw and erase….
> I hit a problem right off the bat…. set the brush to 8 throws an error in the simulator and on the device…. the message reads "An error occurred on line: (line number of set brush).
> Has anyone successfully used the brush tool in iOS?
> be well,
> randy hengst
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