Wherefore revPropertyPalette

Richmond Mathewson richmondmathewson at gmail.com
Tue Sep 6 14:38:42 EDT 2011

OK, OK; I'm behind in the race ( 4.5 ), but then, even if I had the money,
I would feel a bit queer about buying things with numbers after a second 

So: crack open 4.5. dp 4 and the Application browser: no revPropertypalette

[and, this is extremely UNsurprising, as I have no stack open which 
might have properties]

open a new, blank stack [ Aha, the brain is suddenly lit up with a 
strange aura ]

and, LO! one is able to open a Properties palette for that stack

[ and, any newbies lurking in these parts, pardon the slight sarcasm, 
but THIS (i.e. props
palette) is something one should have stumbled on on day 1 ]

back to "Application Browser" and there one can see, at the bottom of 
the list (ou, a fond [ excusez moi, sans accents ] as they say in 
France) "revPropertyPalette 1" created 'on-the-fly'
as it-were, from some mysteriously hidden template . . .

So, those who cannot find "revPropertyPalette" are being, at best, 
disingenuous . . .

Certainly, the 'thing', a.k.a Props palette doth not keep importuning me 
to save it; and why should it? After all, the blasted thing is just a 
different way of getting at things on the stack;
and those of you who don't appreciate the finer points of the Props 
Palette ought to take
a quick skinny at the equivalent in the "alternative" Metacard 
interface; Ouch.
And no apologies whatsoever to those who eschew the RunRev/Livecode 
interface in favour
of the Metacard one.

Federal Regulations Require That Readers Should Be Cautioned That Parts 
Or All Of This Message May Be Fuelled By Alcohol.

AND, the "purport" of this message is:

IFF the revPropertyPalette is asking you to save it things ain't as they 
should be . . . Bubba!

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