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If I open a new LC session with any simple stack and call "the stacks", I see the revmenubar, revMessageBox and whatever stack I opened with (I opened the msg box by hand). If I then open the inspector for the stack and call "the stacks" I get a blank line in the middle of the list. I assume that is where the inspector sort of lies.

Now I can find files for stacks like the message boxand revTools. But I cannot find anything for "revPropertyPalette". And why the blank line? Shy?

Craig Newman

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Joe wrote:

> I've been having this problem for a long time, but I've just been living
> with it. Almost every time I open the inspector it asks me to save the
> revPropertyPalette. I've been doing that but it keeps coming back. What am I 
> wrong?

It seems that the Inspector has somehow been flagged as "modified" 
during the session.  Haven't seen that before.  Have you edited it?

I would imagine a re-install of LC would take care of it if nothing else 

> Another problem I've been having is I can't seem to ungroup some groups. I
> tried all sorts of ways of doing that but haven't been successful.

Can you identify the circumstances that differ between those groups you 
can ungroup and those you can't?

> Just out of curiosity, am I the only member of this list who only programs
> in LiveCode? I don't know any other programming language unless you count
> HyperCard, which I doubt I could still work in. :)

Most of my time these days is split between LiveCode and 

Given the ubiquity of the Web and that JavaScript is the only language 
provided natively in browsers, it's indispensable.

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