Copying from MS word into RunRev 4.0

Jeff Reynolds jeff at
Sat Sep 3 13:17:28 EDT 2011


I think this may be fallout from an old MS/Adobe battle. there have  
been problems with the how data was formatted on the clipboard by MS  
and then having issues with pasting into Adobe apps. from all i read  
on that it was a big finger pointing game with adobe saying MS was not  
doing apple standard formatting of their data on the clipboard to make  
it accessible and MS saying it was adobe being stupid on how they  
looked at data on the clipboard... in my experience its gotten worse  
with later revs of word...

it is a muck...

the straight quote does help with similar unicode issues in  
dreamweaver, but there are some other characters like em dashes that  
also give out of bounds character codes.



On Sep 3, 2011, at 1:00 PM, use-livecode-request at wrote:

> I blame Microsoft, because this is obviously intentional in some  
> fashion. I
> think it would be good, though, for RunRev to have a way to access  
> to the
> full text despire Microsoft's attempt to hide it.

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