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> Hi everyone.
> When I type this word into MS Word: it's
> Then copy and paste it into a field in RunRev, the apostrophe gets omitted.
> This is on a windows system. The character in question is not the usual
> apostrophe, but is the curly apostrophe that MS Word uses.
> This is quite an issue for me. My work around is to hijack the paste
> operation, use VB Script to create an invisible Word doc and save that doc
> as a text file, then use Rev to retrieve the contents of the text file. This
> works, but takes approximately 1.5 seconds to complete the procedure.
> Does anyone know if the recent versions of Live Code allow for pasting from
> an MS Word document without omitting characters? I know it worked fine back
> with RunRev 2.5, so I know it is possible for it to be done.
> Well, thanks for you help.
> Peace,
> Jonathan


I have been working on a similar problem. However I work with a Mac, where the apostrophe does come through, but as a char num 213.

I have been first saving the Word document in rtf format and using some tips I got from Jacque. Here is my import handler:

on mouseUp
   answer file   "Get the RTF file."
   put "file:" & it into tFIle
   put url tFile into tText
   replace "\emdash " with "--" in tText
   set the rtfText of field "theText" to tText
   replace numToChar(213) with "'" in field "theTExt"--Here is where the apostrophe is handled.
   replace numToChar(210) with quote in field "theText"
   replace numToChar(211) with quote in field "theText"
   delete line 1 of field "theText""-- Don't ask.
end mouseUp

You can add your own variants of "replace numToChar..." 

A very simple way to locate these variants is with  something like this in a button script.

on mouseUp
   put field 1 into tList--This would be the Word text you want to check
   repeat for each char tChar in tList
      put tChar & tab & charToNum(tChar) & cr after results
   end repeat
   put results into field 2
end mouseUp

Put the potentially offending Word text into field 1 and read the list of how each character is rendered both as character and as ascii number. Very simple but potentialy revealing. 

Jim Hurley

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