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Me, too.

The dictionary talks a great game, though. It is the unrepeatable intermittent aspect that has me stumped. I DID get an answer to my "answer the defaultButton of this cd" a couple of times, but cannot any longer. As for the dictionary's comments about the defaultButton "changing its size", etc. I never saw any of that.

This was all tried in a new mainStack with two rectangle buttons and a single default button.


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On 8/31/11 7:29 PM, Pete wrote:
> I put a default button a card that has a couple of field controls on it.
>   The field controls all have lockText set to true and traversalOn set to
> false.  Pressing the return key when the card is active does not execute the
> mouseUp handler for the default button as claimed by the dictionary.  Is
> there some other setting of the card/button/controls that I have to use?

Funny, I never knew about this capability. I've always had to script it 
with a returnKey handler in the card, I've never seen a default behavior.

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