Sound formats on Android

Bernard Devlin bdrunrev at
Thu Sep 1 08:34:40 EDT 2011

Mike, it was far more work than it should have been getting Livecode
4.6.3 and the Android SDK to work on OS X.  I'll give you that :)

Have you got the Android VM set up and running before you try to
connect Livecode to it?  I certainly had the VM identified in the
Livecode IDE, but then plugged in my actual Android device, and found
that (once I had placed my Android device into USB debug mode)
Livecode could deploy a test app via USB directly to the device and
run it there.

Considering all the (cross-OS) and java jiggery-pokery going on, once
I had the SDK & Livecode properly set-up, it was amazingly simple to
actually go from working on something within the IDE to deploying it
directly to a physical device.

What is the problem you are up against, even after following the steps
outlined in the relevant lesson?  Did you deploy the DX file as
mentioned in the forum posts (or was that DX file for OS X only?)
Perhaps it is worth contacting Support and asking for a ETA for 4.6.4
rather than fretting too much about this?  If 4.6.4 is being released
in a couple of weeks, I'd have personally found a better use for my
time than debugging the SDK/Livecode interaction.  If 4.6.4 is a long
way off, then maybe we can identify what is going wrong.

Just downloading the Android SDK and updating that, whilst reading
some of the diagrams about how Android java development works, and
their recommendation to use Eclipse was bringing me out in java-hives.
 I was so appreciative of the idea that once I got Livecode up and
running I wouldn't have to bother about the java/eclipse nastiness
that other developers have to go through.  (Trust me -- the lowest
point in my entire life was doing enterprise java development using
Eclipse).  And to think that we get iOS development yet don't have to
go through the hassle of learning ObjC and XCode too.

Way back when, we had many debates on this list regarding demands for
the revlet player in the browser (before the browser plugin
development was announced, I'd been convinced by Richard that it was
going to be huge undertaking).  IMO it is worth adjusting one's
expectations to what is feasible within a sub-set of Runrev's
offerings.  I personally have no use for Livecode server-side, and I
won't bank on the revlet player because of the efforts of maintaining
compatibility across so many different environments (ditto Livecode on

Without Runrev's efforts for Android/iOS I'm sure I would never have
contemplated development for either of those platforms.


On Thu, Sep 1, 2011 at 12:57 AM, Admin <admin at> wrote:
> Regardless of whether or not it exists, it still did not make
> android deployment work. I cannot even test on android systems.
> This
> is SERIOUSLY bothering me. First the revlet player causes me to lose my
> biggest client due to it being completely broken and now this. Hopefully
> it works and this is just a small glitch.
> Mike

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