handler to connect buttons with a line

Kresten Bjerg Kresten.Bjerg at psy.ku.dk
Mon Oct 31 10:38:03 EDT 2011

I have been experimenting to create a handler (as button or menu), which will permit user

a)      To select two existing moveable button

b)      Create a line, attaching its endpoints to the buttons, so line will stay between them wherever they are positioned on the card.

c)       It is important that same button can be connected to more buttons, thus creating a simple user-built and editable mindmap.
My experiments - I am lousy as a programmer - have  been of no avail.
Could somebody help, and sketch a handler ?
The context is that of extending the functionalities of a freeware patient/citizen diary  www.phenomenalog.dk<http://www.phenomenalog.dk>
Best regards
Kresten Bjerg  Kresten.bjerg at psy.ku.dk<mailto:Kresten.bjerg at psy.ku.dk>

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