a shake and a wiggle

Nicolas Cueto niconiko at gmail.com
Mon Oct 31 07:35:12 EDT 2011

> :-) How do you imagine wiggling and shaking on a Windows computer?

Picking the monitor up like an Etch-a-Sketch and shaking it wildly ^o^

Actually, moving the mouse over a very short distance with a very
quick back-and-fro motion while holding down the mouse-left button.

> Wouldn't
> you rather have a the user select the object and press delete

No. Obliges extra actions on the user, especially moving the
mouse-cursor from one area of the screen to another.

> or into a kind of trash can?

A trash can is what I did for another stack. And just now I was
reopening that old stack to restudy my implementaion of it. Still,
this time around, I wanted to try and learn something new. Plus I
wanted to allow my young learners (5 - 11 years old) the fun of
wiggling the mouse wildly, just as if they were using an eraser or
scribbling wildly or shaking a pesky fly off their hand.

Thanks again, Mark.

Nicolas Cueto

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