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Sun Oct 30 14:39:01 EDT 2011

Ouch, damn and drat... But thank you for confirming I am not alone!

I tried replacing the dud Standalone.icns with one from another app that
does display correctly. Still not working.

So far the client has not complained but I suspect it is only a matter of

If ANYONE has tracked this down, do please share with group!

Hugh Senior

Phil Jimmieson wrote:

The same thing happens to me with one of my OS X apps. LiveCode always
produces a zero length icns file for that app. I've never been able to track
it down. I always end up manually replacing the dud Standalone.icns with a
working version that I keep handy.

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On 30 Oct 2011, at 08:45, FlexibleLearning <admin at>

> Can anyone point me in the right direction, please?
> Using 10.6.8 on a MacMini with LC4.5.2
> The standalone icns icon set is not being copied
> (contents:Resources:Standalone.icns is zero KB) but no build error is
> reported.
> Using IcoFX software that automatically generates a 1bit set for Mac icns.
> Images included are:
> 32bit: 128, 48, 32, 16
> 8bit: 48, 32, 16
> 4bit: 48, 32 16
> 1bit: 48, 32, 16
> I have tried restarting and zipping/unzipping to force a Finder refresh
> I have tried omitting the 32bit 128
> I have even tried an icns file that used to work before I got a MacMini
> The Windows ico version displays fine.
> What am I doing wrong?
> Hugh Senior
> FLCo

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