[OT] Box.net free 50Gb for iOS 5 users

Ueliweb ueliweb at gmx.ch
Sun Oct 30 08:40:49 EDT 2011

I tried to mount the box.net direct  as WebDav to the Finder
If you have sign up to more then one account you can use the old ftp like URL:


but the usermane is a email that content also a @ it must be in the
URL encoding witch is %40

so your URL to connect direct (Mac in Finder with "Apple-Button+K"),
als Bookmark via terminal, ... looks like:


enjoy it


2011/10/26 Christian Langers <chris at whitelotus.on-rev.com>:
> Hi !
> I use "Transmit" with WebDav --> "https://www.box.net/dav"
> One could also use Finder's Connect to Server  with "https://www.box.net/dav"
> It works !
> ;-)
> Greets,
> Christian

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