Simple web page commenting via on-rev?

Alex Tweedly alex at
Sat Oct 29 15:43:25 EDT 2011

I think the overall descriptive article is still there -
though there is no detail about the comment system (and no code - I 
don't remember if it was ever available or not).

-- Alex.

On 29/10/2011 19:09, stephen barncard wrote:
> I was going to suggest you check out Andre Garzia's article about
> RevImpossible, a CMS system he set out to build in 24 hours (or was it 48?)
> and he described about all the methods and shortcuts he devised, including a
> very simple comment system for his blog. Basically it looked as good as a
> Joomla better CMS but as we are programmers, the editing interface was
> trimmed down to bare minimum but still was just as fast to use.
> Alas, he has taken the article down, but you can see the results at
> sqb
> On 29 October 2011 08:34, Tim Selander<selander at>  wrote:
>> I joined as a founder when they were getting started as it was
>> a great deal on hosting, but have not done a lot with the .irev scripting...
>> Today I was looking for an easy way to let users leave comments on web
>> pages I host on on-rev... very low traffic stuff, basically letting old
>> classmates comment on re-union photos. I was looking at cut and paste php
>> scripts, widget providers, etc, when it occurred to me that it might be
>> relatively easy to do the .irev way.
>> I'm thinking you'd have a form, get the person's name and comment, append
>> it to a text file on the server. When the page holding the comments is
>> loaded, read said text file and send it to the browser mixed with
>> appropriate html tags.
>> Has anyone done something like this, and would you be willing to share your
>> code for my study?
>> Thanks,
>> Tim Selander
>> Tokyo, Japan
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