Simple web page commenting via on-rev?

Tim Selander selander at
Sat Oct 29 11:34:12 EDT 2011

I joined as a founder when they were getting started 
as it was a great deal on hosting, but have not done a lot with 
the .irev scripting...

Today I was looking for an easy way to let users leave comments 
on web pages I host on on-rev... very low traffic stuff, 
basically letting old classmates comment on re-union photos. I 
was looking at cut and paste php scripts, widget providers, etc, 
when it occurred to me that it might be relatively easy to do the 
.irev way.

I'm thinking you'd have a form, get the person's name and 
comment, append it to a text file on the server. When the page 
holding the comments is loaded, read said text file and send it 
to the browser mixed with appropriate html tags.

Has anyone done something like this, and would you be willing to 
share your code for my study?


Tim Selander
Tokyo, Japan

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