File writing performance?

Mark Schonewille m.schonewille at
Fri Oct 28 17:14:15 EDT 2011

Hi David,

If you need to do many append writes to a file, then open, write, write,... write, write, close will be faster then put url. Same with lots of seeking and reading. If you are going to read or write an entire file at once, then it doesn't make a difference. Open, read/write, close gives you much more control than put/get url.

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On 28 okt 2011, at 23:09, David C. wrote:

> Howdy folks,
> I guess I could do some bench testing, but maybe someone out there can
> save me some time if they already know the answer to my question,
> which is:
> When saving data to a file (or a group of files), is there any type of
> performance loss or gain by using the -->open file -->write to file
> -->close file methods, rather than just using the URL keyword format
> that I'm currently using?
> I have a proprietary app that I wrote for a friend who seems to be
> having some performance related issues, so if it is possible I would
> like to improve the time it takes to write a few large files to disk.
> My friend is running Windows 7 primarily.
> Best regards,
> David C.

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