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How, exactly do you implement Load? I need to get a stack file from the server on to the local machine. I seem to be able to load it into memory, but can't actually see the stack or save it to disk.

I've done both methods for storing data; both times for "books" with a lot of text, pictures, and audio/video. Working with internal data is just a LOT faster and simpler for this sort of thing.

For this update, I need to save out and restore the user's "magic marker" hilites of the text--it's a textbook app.

On Oct 28, 2011, at 9:06 AM, Mark Powell wrote:

> I do this kind of auto-loading with almost all my apps, but to date I have never written changes to the stack itself.  I always save data in files external to the stack and have that data pulled in at preopenstack.  So I never have to do a stack to stack transfer of data or stack renaming.  Not saying this is the best way, it is just the way I do it.  Yes, load is what I use.  Works well for me, though recently have encountered IT policy that is quarantining updates.
> Mark
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> Hi,
> I'm making a stack updater that downloads a LC stack to the user's hard drive and replaces a stack there.
> I plan to:
>       1. Have the user download a small updater stack and run it
>       2. The updater gets essential data from the user's old stack and writes it to a file
>       3. The updater then downloads a new stack, reads the data into the new stack
>       4. The old stack is deleted from memory and the hard drive
>       5. The new stack is renamed to the old stack name.
> Is this a good method?
> What are the commands for downloading the replacement stack to the user's hard drive? I've not got anywhere with "load."
> Many thanks for any help!
> Peter Bogdanoff
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