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I do this kind of auto-loading with almost all my apps, but to date I have never written changes to the stack itself.  I always save data in files external to the stack and have that data pulled in at preopenstack.  So I never have to do a stack to stack transfer of data or stack renaming.  Not saying this is the best way, it is just the way I do it.  Yes, load is what I use.  Works well for me, though recently have encountered IT policy that is quarantining updates.


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I'm making a stack updater that downloads a LC stack to the user's hard drive and replaces a stack there.

I plan to:
        1. Have the user download a small updater stack and run it
        2. The updater gets essential data from the user's old stack and writes it to a file
        3. The updater then downloads a new stack, reads the data into the new stack
        4. The old stack is deleted from memory and the hard drive
        5. The new stack is renamed to the old stack name.

Is this a good method?

What are the commands for downloading the replacement stack to the user's hard drive? I've not got anywhere with "load."

Many thanks for any help!

Peter Bogdanoff

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