Store SQLite File as Custom Property?

James Little littlejamesw at
Thu Oct 27 23:53:36 EDT 2011

Richard Gaskin wrote:

> With LiveCode you have a wide range of formats available.  For large tabular data sets you can use SQLite, define your own format using simple text files, store arrays using arrayEncode, or even use custom properties stored in a stack file (a favorite of mine since it lets me use name-value pairs very conveniently.
> Sarah Reichelt's helpful article on saving data from a standalone may be helpful:
> <>

Is it possible to store a SQLite file as a custom property in LC?  

My reason is to preserve the file as proprietary data.  I guess that I would need to be able to access and to store data with SQL queries in private way.  

I would appreciate any advice or pointers to reference info. 


Jim L.  

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