When has a field changed?

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>> On Oct 26, 2011, at 11:29 AM, Pete wrote:
>>> Hi Ken,
>>> This took me by surprise so I just did a test.  Pasted text into a field
>>> then clicked on another field on the card and I did get a closeField, so
>>> maybe this was a bug that has been fixed?  LC 4.6.3/OS X 10.6.8

Hi Pete,

The bug, or questionable behavior, was not that the closeField message was sent when the field is change and then the user clicks in another FIELD. That works as expected. The puzzle was when one click on a BUTTON. This did not change the focus from the changed field. It would be necessary to insert a "focus on nothing" or "select empty" in the button script to trigger the closeField message. 

(My personal preference is for "focus on nothing". Less emotional strain on the button.)

Jim Hurley

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