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stephen barncard stephenREVOLUTION2 at barncard.com
Wed Oct 26 18:18:10 EDT 2011

I've only used a ZIP SCSI external on macs.
But I was referring to other iOmega products that use the Bernoulli
principle.  Like the 8" "hard floppy"  SSL audio console users were forced
to use as a 'Hard Drive" on older SSL models.

Bernoulli was a nice idea, but bound to fail as long the medium is not
hermetically sealed, and head crashes can be prevented.

The idea was that the Bernoulli
allow a read of the disc without actual contact. In practice,
something would happen to the drive like a power outage, then crash the disc
surface, you'd lose the TOC and disk would click, meaning it's over. They
never had the "emergency head lift" thing that modern hard drives have

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> But Which of these cartridges have been affected
> by the click of death?
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