[OT] Box.net free 50Gb for iOS 5 users

Scott Rossi scott at tactilemedia.com
Wed Oct 26 04:53:46 EDT 2011

> Le 26 oct. 2011 à 09:09, Chipp Walters a écrit :
>> Jacque, I believe they have a WebDav interface as well. Plus, perhaps
>> sometime, someone will build a Box.net library for LC! Can't hurt to have it
>> available.

Recently, Christian Langers wrote:

> One could also use Finder's Connect to Server  with "https://www.box.net/dav"
> It works !

Darn, I was excited for a moment.

I can connect to the server from the OSX Finder, and downloads from the
server seem to work, but uploads either seem to fail or hang.  I think I
read somewhere that Box may only support a limited number of filetypes?
(maybe that's just on an iOS device).

Some folks are claiming that Box is also limiting the file size of uploads,
and possibly restricting downloads to one file at a time.  Haven't verified


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