Runrev site still not 100%

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As far as I know, the web player (the plugin that you install on the client machine) has not been updated since spring.  Therefore, it does not yet support Chrome.

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Although the site is kinda back up, not really. If you type I still get the apache and cpanel error. I can get into
the site by going to - that works fine. From there, I
can use the store, but almost everything else does not work. 

I wonder
how long it will take to fix the whole thing? 

Also, upgraded to 5.0
and was told they fixed the web plugin, but chrome still does not work
as a browser for the revlet plugin - is there a new version to download
(the revlet installer)? Since I cannot access the site, I cannot
download the installer. 

Does anyone know if web has been worked on?

I am only asking because it was told to me by a runrev employee that
the web deployment module was fixed and the browser issues addressed in
the 5.0 update. I wrote a stupid simple program and deployed it to PC
and web. PC worked fine. Web still did not work in Chrome, but seemed to
work in IE. I did not try out the other browsers yet. I am going to try
it on the mac next. 

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