3D Icons Project - What's Your Level of Interest?

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I am interested. 


On Mon, 24 Oct 2011 10:19:29
-0700, Lynn Fredricks wrote: 

> Hi all,
> About half of my business
is really jamming as we approach holidays, but I
> wanted to let people
know that I haven't dropped this project. 
> In a nutshell, what this
would involve is producing 3d icon models with
> textures that then
could be either incorporated into a real time playback
> situation (like
Franklin 3D for LiveCode) or could be rendered by devs to
> produce
their own, true 3D icons. If you are not so familiar with 3d art
rendering, many software packages let you rendered to multiple layers so
> can produce not only the image but also a nice mask to go with
> I may have some manpower to start devoting to this from mid
December, so Id
> like to find out everyone's level of interest. It
would certainly be
> possible to do this either as a "product", ie 3D
icon packs, or as a
> "subscription" type service, where models are
produced throughout month/year
> and subscribers could use them.
Best regards,
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