Transparent window example?

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Hi Again,

Is there a way to set a stack to a blendlevel of say 75, but keep an object 
(such as a button) at a blendlevel of 0? That is, a somewhat transparent 
window, but a solid button/control on the transparent window?

I have played around with it, but the object seems to inherit the blendlevel 
of the stack... Even when setting an object's blendlevel to 0.


- Boo

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Hi Keith,

Am 19.10.2011 um 12:25 schrieb Keith (Gulf Breeze Ortho Lab):

> Hi All,
> Would anyone be able to provide an example of how to make a transparent 
> window that is resizable? To clarify, a window that looks like a 
> see-through box. The borders of the window need to be visible, and the 
> window needs to be resizable accordingly, but the user needs to be able to 
> see the desktop through the window...

set the blendlevel of stack X to Y
## where Y = 0 - 100
This will only affect the "transparency" of that stack, everthing else like 
"resizable" is NOT affected!

Check "blendlevel" in the dictionary, it's definitivley no rocket science 

> Thanks,
> - Boo



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