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Thu Oct 20 11:17:42 EDT 2011

Funny thing is, of all the goodies offered in the omega bundle, I bought it for live code, android and Franklin 3d. The SQL yoga seemed cool, but I have yet to use it. It was easier for me to just code the MySQL directly inside live code. It was all very straight forward and easy. 

But the price of the omega bundle, together with earning deployment options in the summer academy was just too enticing. I gave in and spent the money. However, for my troubles, I lost my main client due to the web deployment module simply not working.

You can see why I am a bit jaded. 


Lynn Fredricks <lfredricks at> wrote:

>> I'd like to re-iterate however, that we certainly never 
>> promised a year of updates with the Omega bundle. The only 
>> license type we sell that carries a year of updates is the 
>> Complete license.
>The Omegabundle included "Pro" 1 desktop and 1 mobile, which came to a $499
>value (at the time). I don't think the Complete was in existence back in
>April, 2011.
>Each component of the Omegabundle was licensed according to whatever is the
>publisher norm. For example, Valentina ADK, Valentina Studio and Franklin 3D
>all include 12 months, because that's the only way those are sold. .com
>Solutions FmPro Migrator Platinum Edition has its own special form of
>licensing. You can see everything that was included here:
>There really isn't a norm any more in licensing, though I think contrary to
>what the experts say about product pricing strategy, many software companies
>price/license according to their costs rather than according to customer
>Subscription pricing (getting all updates during X amount of time) is
>attractive for many reasons - as a vendor, because it allows you to charge
>beyond the perceived base price. Customers perceive there's more value in
>this if there are many updates. Even very savvy customers such as LiveCode
>buyers - folks who know just how expensive / time consuming / difficult
>fixing and improving support for feature X in a dev tool - are as likely as
>any to think this way, even though its contrary to what they know as
>developers themselves.
>My point? Regardless of whatever pricing model makes sense for your
>business, we all still operate with some base expectations that may be
>contrary to our base understanding. The New York steak looks bigger than the
>fillet but that doesn't mean it's a tastier or more satisfying  steak ;-)
>Best regards,
>Lynn Fredricks
>Paradigma Software
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