New Hardware old Habits

Cal Horner calhorner at
Thu Oct 13 19:34:49 EDT 2011

Recently, I broke down and got a new Windows XP based computer. And even
though there has been much moaning and winging (how many of you guys are
Poms?) about the new release of LC, and feeling flush, I thought it was time
for an upgrade of Elsie 4 to 5.

It was purchased and downloaded with no difficulty but upon installation LC
5.0 seems to have taken a walk.!!!

The installation procedure didn't ask me if I wanted to make 5 the default
version of LC it just went ahead and plunked 5 into the components folder
and told me the job was all done.

When I tried to link 5 up as the primary version of LC I wanted to use, I
kept getting 4.6.4.. So I dutifully installed all versions prior to 5 from
the new machine. Still no help. 

So I have installed 5 and reinstalled 4.6.4. Which works well.

After that long-winded dissertation  my simple question is this: What have I
done wrong this time?

Here's hoping someone has an answer that works.

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