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On 13/10/2011, at 03:42 AM, Andrew Meit wrote:

> On Oct 12, 2011, at 9:55 AM, use-livecode-request at lists.runrev.com wrote:
>> Could you perhaps use thumbnails for initial button presentation and then pull in the detailed layers as needed?
> -- Thats what am trying to avoid having to do.
>> If you're layering the images, could you use a snapshot to contain the set of all underlying layers as a new layer is added?
> -- No, I need dynamic showing/hiding as a user peels on and off the layers to study how the art is applied to the page.
> Because everything is put into ram, I am hitting a wall. And I need to keep the images large enough to allow users see the page at actual size due to the art design is complex. 

Can the user insert/remove layers in any order or is there a definite sequence? If it's the latter then you could create 295 composited images - the first 'containing' only 1 layer, the last all 295. Store them all externally and just set the filename of a single image object. Add or remove a layer and you simply increment or decrement the filename. You could easily create these composited images in LC using just 2 overlaid image objects. If your filenames go something like orig001 to orig295 for the layer images and comp001 to comp295 for the composited images then you'd start off with orig001 (image 1) and orig002 (image 2) in the image objects and export a snapshot of these to create comp002. Then set the filename of image 1(bottom) to comp002 and the filename of image 2 to orig003 and export another snapshot (comp003). Keep going until you have 295 new images (orig001 also becomes comp002). Now you can use a single image object to display your composited layers and a couple of buttons to pile them on and take them off.


> If LC supported SVG and SVG effects, perhaps a vector approach but then is there a limit to how many data points to a path?? One of the biggest disappointments for me in 5.0 is the lack of improved vector support and the styled unicode field. Rev is till stuck in a 1985 bitmap world. Sigh.
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