Standalones and Opening stack via go url...?

John Patten johnpatten at
Wed Oct 12 18:26:56 EDT 2011

Hi All!

I created a splash stack standalone that opens up a sub stack (Main App) stored in a local folder. From this stack, (Main App), I wish to open up a stack stored on a web server using the: go stack URL ""

Here's the script I'm using in the Main App stack:

put cd fld 1 into tAction --(this holds the url address of substack)
   put "go stack URL" & quote & tAction & quote into tAction  --(was having difficulty with quotes surrounding URL from web page to cd field, so did it this way)
   do tAction
   put specialfolderpath ("documents") & "/OneButtonOneField/" into tMainStack
   put the short name of current stack into tCurrentStack
 save current stack as tMainStack & "/" & tCurrentStack

This script works fine when everything is done in the IDE, however, when it runs from the standalone the second stack never opens the stack stored on the server. It also appears to save itself (Main App) as opposed to the stack I'm attempting to open???

Is what I'm attempting not possible in this fashion?  (standalone --> stack --> go url "http:...stack"

Thank You!

John Patten

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