Another examples of the screen refresh problem on the Mac?

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Wed Oct 12 14:06:43 EDT 2011

These are exciting times for RR. 

I am grateful to all who have responded to this thread--Bernd, Bob, Kevin, Jacque, Ken, et. al.

And special thanks to Richard for taking the time for his expansive discussion of the new features. THANK YOU.

I am grateful, but..... I am not satisfied. I would like to see one example, one animation stack from RR, that is manifestly improved in 5.0 over 4.6

I will do my part. I have put together a stack/library of graphic routines together will multiple examples of their use in the following stack:

   go url ""

It should run in both 4.0 and 5.0  Here are dozens of animations on which to test 5.0. New commands and functions for graphically programming lines (setAngle, getAngle, setLength, getLength, JoinLines. Plus intersection points of overlapping circles, tangent lives to ellipses, collision detection inside a convex polygon, etc.

After 40 years of teaching I have come to one immutable conclusion: People learn best and most easily by example. (That's why Winkler and Kamins was such a great book from which to learn HyperTalk.) An example is worth a thousand pictures, and you know how many words a picture is worth. (Good grief, that compounds to a million words.) So I would like to see one example from RR to celebrate the animation capabilities of 5.0

But once again, I am grateful for RR's continued efforts to improve animation. I realize that is not a high priority at this time of such emphasis on mobil applications. 

Jim Hurley

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> James Hurley wrote:
>> Thank you for this Bernd. It is going to take me a while to digest these new graphic features in 5.0. I confess I am unaware of the interaction between RR code and the display on the screen. That's probably important. :-)
>> Like you, I don't see much improvement of 5.0 over 4.6 in animation.  The effect of lowering the syncRate, not so much the rate as the time between syncs (?), is significant, but then that was something available to us in 4.6--except that I didn't know it. The nomenclature suggests that it is the frequency, when it appears to be the period. And, as we all learned in physics, one is the reciprocal of the other.
>> I would like to see a little help from RR on these new features--by way of a demonstration stack perhaps.
> Yes, I think that's going to be necessary, and over time as more is 
> understood about the new rendering scheme, hopefully there will also be 
> more intelligent defaults so users can immediately see at least some 
> benefit without having to do multiple iterations of experimentation.
> The v5.0 rendering engine represents perhaps the biggest change in the 
> history of the engine to how objects are rendered on screen.   The 
> upside is that it's possible to see graphics performance increase many 
> times over previous versions.  The downside is that it's not easy to 
> realize that performance gain without a great deal of experimentation.


> In the meantime, it's my understanding that the current defaults should 
> be using rendering methods roughly on par with previous versions, so 
> ideally just running stuff you've already written should perform as well 
> as it did before.
> And if you want it even faster, just set aside some time to experiment 
> with different tile sizes and chances are you'll have a "Wow!" moment 
> once you find the right combination for your layout.
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