295 png import images

Richard Gaskin ambassador at fourthworld.com
Wed Oct 12 13:40:08 EDT 2011

Andrew Meit wrote:

 > Jan,
 > cool, but I still need 295 large images and buttons on a card
 > for each unique layer btn, right? if so, hits the ram wall again...

Beyond the limits of RAM we have in nearly everything short of a 
supercomputer, on what monitor will you be able to display 295 images at 
1900 x 2200px each?

Even a single row of just 50 such images will require a monitor more 
than 100 feet wide.

On even the largest consumer monitor only a very few of those images can 
be displayed at any given moment, with most of them cropped at the 
display's edge.

Normal amounts of RAM and LC's native performance should be sufficient 
for displaying what's possible.

If you don't really need to show 295 large images but instead will be 
showing only thumbnails, you'll want to generate the thumbnails one at a 
time first (won't take too long and if you cache them it only needs to 
be done once).

If you're only showing a few at a time you should be able to swap out 
the filename of the source image on the fly as needed.

What exactly is this UI doing?

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