Another examples of the screen refresh problem on the Mac?

BNig niggemann at
Wed Oct 12 11:51:47 EDT 2011

Hi Richard,

thank you for outlining the architecture of the new 5.0 LiveCode graphics
engine. That shurely helps to take advantage of it. And as you pointed out
we will have to experiment to find a setting that suits a particular
It just happens that Jim brought up the problem of moving simultaneously two
graphics along the points of a graphic. And that he was not pleased with it.
If you like you can test that scenario:

>From all the many variations I did for this particular task, it seems that
simply setting the syncrate from 20 to e.g. 16 improves the smoothness of
the movement tremendously. That applies to 4.6 as well as 5.0

The new graphics engine features do improve movement but again with the new
graphic features setting the syncrate to 16 improves movement considerably.
In this particular instance more than the new features at a syncrate of 20.

Do you or anybody else have some more information on syncrate?

Kind regards


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