So RunRev wants more of my money- what has been fixed?

Pete pete at
Wed Oct 12 01:50:35 EDT 2011

I think RR faces the problem that it is a lot of different things to a lot
of different people.  Look at the breadth of the subject matter on this
discussion group to see how many disparate things are covered.

I personally don't care about any of the enhancements in the new release and
I do wish that more attention would be paid to Android and web but I'm sure
there are many other folks who don't care about those platforms and are
happy to see the 5.0 enhancements.

There was a discussion on the realbasic functionality a while back (it kind
of petered out), whose recent web tool caused a flurry of interest.  They
don;t have a mobile dev capability - yet....

Molly's Revenge <>

> You are not alone in your disappointment regarding Android, Linux, 64-bit,
> web player.  Every release has stated "no changes" in the release notes for
> Android.  Why even bother to have release notes for anything but iOS?
> Kevin said a few weeks ago that feature parity would happen "blingingly
> fast", and I am still waiting to see the bright light.  I haven't lost all
> hope yet, and I've been using HyperCard, MetaCard, Revolution, and now
> LiveCode for 20 years, so I really do love the language.  But...
> What else can we do?  We wait, or we learn another tool.  The waiting is
> getting old.
> ˜Roger
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